Heart of America provides comprehensive, short-term therapy, skilled nursing and restorative care to patients recovering from general injury or surgery, as well as patients with more complex needs including cardiovascular or pulmonary conditions. Our experienced therapy care workers and home health nursing staff work closely with the patient and primary physician to develop a recovery plan that specifically addresses patient needs.

By combining the skilled nursing services with innovative physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy programs, patients benefit from a well-rounded recovery plan that helps them to regain their mobility and independence.

Our goal is to help you restore strength and confidence so you feel like yourself again and can get back to enjoying life the way you should. The sooner you can feel like yourself again, the better.

Heart of America offers the following therapy services:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy


“We have been very happy with our Heart of America care worker. She is dependable, competent and friendly. She sees to my son’s needs and is happy to help in any way she can.”
Nancy M.